Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2008

Table of Contents

Research articles


Acute toxicity of Nerium oleander aqueous leaf extract in rabbits

M. I. Al-Farwachi, M. S. Rhaymah and B. A. Al-Badrani


Evaluation the effect of albendazole against nematodes in sheep

in Mosul, Iraq

E. K. Mohamed and M. I. Al-Farwachi


Effect of some plant extracts on the Culex pipiens molestus

Forskal larvae

M. A. Mustafa and A. Al-Khazraji


Comparison of laparoscopic and conventional surgery of intestinal anastomosis in dogs

B. T. Abass and O. J. Ali


Evaluation of cell-mediated immune response in chickens vaccinated

with Newcastle  disease virus

M. N. Al –Shahery,  A. Z. Al-Zubeady and S.Y .Al-Baroodi


A preliminary study on the effect of employing bile liquid in a starter

diet on performance of young heavy breed chicks

T. H. Hussein,  S. H. Tohala  and T. A. Ez Aldeen


Mycofix ameliorative effect on Newcastle disease antibody production

in broiler chickens during aflatoxicosis

M. T. Gargees and A. M. Shareef


Isolation and identification of bacterial causes of clinical mastitis in

cattle in Sulaimania region

S. A. Hussein


Clinical and microbiological study of otitis externa in sheep

M. I. Al-Farwachi and M. M. Al-Hassan


Correlation between broiler aflatoxicosis and European production efficiency factor

A. M. Shareef, O. S. Bayon and T. S. Qubih


Retention of fetal membranes in an Arabian mare: a case report

O. I. Azawi and M. B. Taha