Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2010


Research articles                                                                                          Page

Detection of Brucella antigen in the aborted ovine fetal stomach contents using      1

a modified ELISA test

M. I. Al-Farwachi, B. A. Al- Badrani and Th. M. Al-Nima

Effect of bone marrow and low power lasers on fracture healing with destruction   5

of both periosteum and endosteum in rabbits

M.G. Thanoon and S. M. Ibrahim

Concurrent aflatoxicosis and caecal coccidiosis in broilers                                     11

A. M. Shareef

Molds and mycotoxins in poultry feeds from farms of potential mycotoxicosis         17

A. M. Shareef

Prevalence of intestinal ciliate Buxtonella sulcata in cattle in Mosul                        27

T. M. Al-Saffar, E. G. Suliman, H. S. Al-Bakri

Clinical, haematological and biochemical studies of babesiosis in                            31

native goats in Mosul

E. G. Sulaiman, S. H. Arslan, Q. T. Al-Obaidi, E. Daham

Effect of industrial product IMBOŽ on immunosuppressed broilers                       37

vaccinated with Newcastle disease vaccine

O. G. Mohammadamin and T. S. Qubih

Serodiagnosis of Johne's disease by indirect ELISA in ovine                                 41

I. M. Ahmed

Effect of treating lactating rats with lead acetate and its interaction with                45

vitamin E or C on neurobehavior, development and some biochemical

parameters in their pups

A. A. Hassan and H. M. Jassim

Use of saturated sodium chloride solution as a tissue fixative                                53

A. Al-Saraj