Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 25, No. 2, 2011

                                                Contents (PDF)

Detection of Cryptosporidium and Giardia doudenalis in equines in

Nineveh, Iraq

E. T. Butty  43  FULLTEXT

Effect of nitrate poisoning on some biochemical parameters in rats

O. H. Azeez, M. B. Mahmood and J. S. Hassan  47  FULLTEXT

Vaginal cytology, vaginoscopy and progesterone profile: breeding tools in bitches

K. C. S. Reddy, K. G. S. Raju, K. S. Rao and K. B. R. Rao  51  FULLTEXT

Electron microscopic study of ileum of mice infected experimentally

with Salmonella hadar         

A. A. Yousif and M. M. N. Al-Naqeeb  55  FULLTEXT

Effect of laser treatment on thyroid gland hormones in female rabbits

N. S. Al-Mustawfi1, T. S. Al- Azawi and I. F. R. Mohammed  61  FULLTEXT

Effect of omentum graft on esophageal anastomosis in dogs

A. K. Mahdi   65  FULLTEXT

Treatment of hyper-granulated limb wounds in horses

O. A. Bader and M. J. Eesa   71  FULLTEXT

Effect of lysate of Sarcocystis gigantea in rats

N. S. Al-Hyali, E. R. Kennany and A. F. Al-Taei  81  FULLTEXT

Fate of macrosarcocyst of Sarcocystis gigantea in sheep

N. S. Al-Hyali, E. R. Kennany and L.Y. Khalil  87  FULLTEXT

Isolation and identification of bacteria causing arthritis in chickens

B. Y. Rasheed  93  FULLTEXT

Misoprostol treatment of dystocia due to incomplete dilatation of the cervix

 in a cow: a case report

O. I. Azawi, U. T. Naoman, Z. M. Al-Kass, E. H. Lazim and N. G. Fathi  97  FULLTEXT


Announcements from the Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences  99  FULLTEXT