Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 26, No. 2, 2012


Using species-specific PCR technique to detect Toxoplasma gondii in broiler chickens

R.A. Al-Sanjary and T.H. Hussein  53 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Comparative morphometric study of shank bone in the tom (Meleagris gallopavo) and local cock (Gallus banikaval)

 S. Al-Sadi  57 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Comparative study of the auricle and external acoustic meatus of the cattle and buffalo

S. Al-Sadi and A. A. Hasso  65 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Effect of Gundelia tournefortii on some biochemical parameters in dexamethasone-induced hyperglycemic and hyperlipidemic mice

O. H. Azeez and A. E. Kheder   73 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Oral imipramine and intravenous xylazine for pharmacologically-induced ejaculation

in donkeys

U.T. Naoman and A.J. Ali  81 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Reproductive performance improvement in primiparous lactating Holstein cows by different hormonal treatments

T. M. Al-Hamedawi   85 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Effect of induced epilepsy on some biochemical parameters in female rats

J.S. H. Ali, L.I. Matty and S.S. Yahya   89 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Impact of oxidative stress on pregnancy outcome in albino rats

R.S. Al-Naemi, Q.H. Abdullah and S.A. Ibrahim  93 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Misoprostol treatment of dystocia due to ringwomb in Awassi ewe: a case report

O.I. Azawi, E.H. Lazim, E.S. Hussain and I.Y. Ibrahim  101 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Schistosomus reflexus foetus in cross breed Iraqi cow: a case report

O.I. Azawi, O.S. Ahmed and S.F. Abass   103 FULLTEXT (PDF)

A serological study of brucellosis in camels south of Kirkuk, Iraq

M. Yawoz, S.E. Jaafar, A.I. Salih  and M.H. Abdullah   105 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Synergism of the analgesic activities of tramadol with  α2- adrenoreceptor agonist xylazine in mice

Ghada A. Taqa   109 FULLTEXT (PDF)