Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 30, No. 1, 2016




Dual effect of changes in temperature and pH on stability of cefquinome in vitro


L. A. Kafi  1


Comparison of seasonal effects on some hematological and biochemical parameters between ewes with subclinical mastitis and healthy ewes 


R. N. Sani and M. Moezifar  5


Sequential changes of serum and liver Subcellular oxidants and antoxidant concentrations in silymarin treated male rats  FULLTEXT (PDF)

J. A. A. Al-Sa'aidi and H. J. Shoabith  9


An update review of confirmed pathogens of six animal species in Iraq 


S. A. Hasso  15


Alteration of serum haptoglobin concentration in normal parturition and

dystocia affected cows  FULLTEXT (PDF)

D. M. Aziz and S. H. Mohammed  19