Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 26, Supplement II, 2012


Research articles

Biochemical changes induced by general anesthesia with romifidine as a premedication, midazolam and ketamine induction and maintenance by infusion in donkeys

A.A. Amin, A.F. Ali and E.A. Al-Mutheffer  19 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Detection of microfilaria infection in horses in Mosul city

E. G. Suleiman, S. S. Aghwan and O. M. Al- Iraqi  23 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Effect of Synertox® on broiler health and performance during aflatoxicosis

A.M. Shareef and E.K.S. Omar  27 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Effect of hyperimmunized egg yolk on maternal immunity of Newcastle disease vaccine in broiler chicks

A.Z. Al-Zubeedy and M.Y. Al-Attar  35 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Detection of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in horses in Mosul, Iraq

M.N. Alshahery and R.S. Mansour  39 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Surgical correction of congenital anomalies in a neonatal lamb: a case report

Z.T. Abd-Almaseeh, A.H. Allawi and F.M. Mohammed  43 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Detection of organ bacterial load in quails

M.A. Hamad, A.M. Al-Aalim, S.Y.A. Al-Dabbagh and H.H. Ali  47 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Thin layer chromatographic investigation of some veterinary drugs

Z.S. Hamad and B.M. Yahya  53 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Diagnosis of some blood parasites in cattle and sheep in Mosul, Iraq

M.H. Hasan  57 FULLTEXT (PDF)

Evaluation of bacterial load of frozen chicken thighs in Mosul markets

A.M. Shareef, R.A. Farag and E.K. Al-Ruthwani  63 FULLTEXT  (PDF)

Effects of coriander, thyme, vanadyl and tungstate on some biochemical parameters in broiler chickens

F.Kh. Tawfeek and N.G. Mustafa  71  FULLTEXT  (PDF)