Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 26, Supplement III, 2012




Research articles

Effect of different suture materials on healing of blood vessels in dogs

O.H. Al-Hyani, A.Kh. Al-Jobory and A.M. Al-Hasan 77 FULLTEXT (PDF)


Prevalence of helminthes, pneumonia and hepatitis in Kirkuk slaughter house,

Kirkuk, Iraq

M.A. Kadir, N.H. Ali and R.G.M. Ridha 83 FULLTEXT (PDF)


Formulation of oxytetracycline 20% injectable solution for veterinary use

D.A. Abbas, A.M. Saed and F. Majed 89 FULLTEXT (PDF)


A study on epidemiology of hard tick (Ixodidae) in sheep in Sulaimani

governorate - Iraq

M.A. Kadir, I.K. Zangana and B.H.S. Mustafa 95 FULLTEXT (PDF)


Seroprevalence of piroplasmosis with tick distribution in northern Iraq

L.T. Omer, M.A. Kadir and J.S. Ahmed 105 FULLTEXT (PDF)


Seroprevalence of Babesia bigemina and Anaplasma marginale in domestic animals in Erbil, Iraq

K.A.H. Ameen, B.A. Abdullah and R.A. Abdul-Razaq 109 FULLTEXT (PDF)