Whenever the need to compose an informative essay arises, students across the world start searching through dozens of writing services to pick a company, which offers both reliability and some of the best prices to go for. The searching process turns out to be long and exhausting since services of that kind are not very numerous.

While still having no idea where to start looking from, people get across multiple scammers that pretend to be reputable and professional custom writing providers. And it often occurs that previous experience forces customers to consider the rest of companies to be fraudsters as well, although their judgments might actually be erroneous.

Hence, students need to know how to differentiate a proper essay writing service from a scam website.

First of all, pay close attention to the website design. Writing companies and independent academic paper writers always have up-to-date websites to promote their services. If you see the website styled as if it were 2007, do not rush order anything there. It is probably a fraud or the old website that a certain writing service does not use anymore.

Second, look at the company information and Customer Support. No decent company will hide their addresses, phones, and other public information. Customer Support working hours should be 24/7, so that their clients could get help anytime. Finally, there should be not only phone numbers to call Customer Support agents, but also live chat, email address, and a few messenger links.

Third, evaluate the quality of writing. You will never know what it is like until you order an essay, so do not hesitate to check reviews online. Pay attention to what recent customers are saying: does the company help writing an essay for Iraqian students, are there any discounts, is the Customer Support helpful, what is the level of the writer’s expertise, etc. Answers to these questions will give you an understanding of what the service is like, and save you from irresponsible writers.

Fourth, check the payment methods. If you can pay only with a credit card, the service is probably unreliable and might be collecting your payment data for fraud. A decent writing service offers payments with bank transfer, PayPal, and other options for you to choose the most convenient. Thus, if you are moving from a Mosul University, but still want to get high-quality writing help, you can use the above tips for distinguishing between new online writing companies.

Why Order Papers from Writing Services?

Eventually, the reasons forcing students to buy their papers online could be numerous, and one could hardly name them all within just a couple of passages. Nevertheless, some of them arrive as common for the vast majority of learners not only in Mosul University but across the entire world. People choose the top assignment provider Iraq because:

  • Some of them take the issued assignments too easily and tend to believe there’s always plenty of time to write a couple of pages. But they often find it too stressful to do the job on time when their essays get accompanied by heaps of other tasks.
  • There are people who have developed a habit to do their tasks with no slightest reproach. If they see that an assignment is too hard for them to do perfectly, they start looking for assistance to have it excellently composed.
  • A lot of learners have their own families with small children. One doesn’t have to remind what hardships young parents are forced to overcome to reach the quality of life they’ve been dreaming about. People sometimes have to choose to either write a term paper or to start preparing a meal for both their children and themselves. And it often appears that professors don’t take any excuses related to this matter.
  • Quite a part of students works part-time. The necessity to combine study with work often affects one’s ability to fully focus on learning. However, with a trustworthy assignment help provider at hand one can easily cope with the issue without the need to beg teachers for some extra time.

No matter what the actual reasons are, Iraqian students apply for the assistance of an assignment provider to face fewer troubles with study and get more time to devote to their personal needs. As some of them say, academic assignments never end; where one task ends the other one begins. With this being a serious issue, the only option to choose when dealing with the workload is to order papers online.

How to Distinguish a Trusted Assignment Provider from a Scammer?

To begin with, a reputable assignment provider is very easy to define should one see it at least once. Fraudster websites never aim at doing a long-term business. All they do is pretend they provide affordable services regardless of a subject or paper complexity and can perform a task over extremely short time frames. Nevertheless, their schemes prove to be effective with a lot of naive customers who wish to pay significantly less.

Speaking of a trustworthy assignment service provider, an agency of this type always boasts a properly arranged website with a number of intuitive services that offer fast and convenient navigation through the available sections. One can easily find all the relevant information related to pricing, contacts, location, etc. Among the other facts proving a company’s reliability there are the following:

  • One can easily reach customers’ support by the telephone numbers added to the contacts section.
  • Technical support is available around the clock, and the company experts can give you complete and exhaustive answers to any question related to order.
  • Company’s representatives speak openly and demonstrate true confidence.
  • Price policy is totally transparent, and one can find the basic price list without much effort applied.
  • The prices you see are fair and reasonable.

The given five criteria are usually enough to distinguish a trusted resource from a fraudster. Should a service match all of the listed principles it is safe to place an order in some 99% of cases. But to be sure that a company is safe to deal with it is highly recommended that you read the reviews first and thus, know the opinion of other customers.

Why Choose University of Mosul as One’s Personal Assignment Provider?

Over the years of operation as academic papers’ provider, our company has proved to both our clients and itself that dealing with written tasks is not a problem if one has a staff of experienced writers and proofreaders at hand. As one knows, different professional assignment providers differ in the manner their orders are being delivered to customers. In what refers to our site, we are capable of providing premium-grade services because we value the following principles:

  • All papers we work with are written from scratch skipping any signs of copy/paste.
  • Writers we cooperate with have successfully accomplished hundreds of academic papers including PhD theses and dissertations.
  • Papers we write are being thoroughly proofread and checked for plagiarism using the latest software applications.
  • All customers are granted free revisions should their teachers have some remarks regarding the assignment.
  • The prices and content quality that we offer find no match on the entire Iraq market.

Summarizing all that was said earlier, ordering papers online from assignment provider services is none of the insecure affairs if you choose the right company to cover your back. The fact that our service has been around for quite a while proves that we aim at doing long-term business and look forward to expanding our current customers’ base. For that goal to be achieved, we do our best to meet clients’ requirements and stay competitive throughout the entire operation. Seeing our customers satisfied with the quality of papers they receive is the highest reward we could get.